Lunch Experience

We plan to make use of the full campus for our lunch program in order to keep students, faculty, and staff safe, with these members of our community regularly rotating through different spaces for lunch. This will allow for variety in settings and experiences until we are able to return to our typical lunch program. It is our expectation that the dining experience will take place in a safe and healthy environment, for all members of our school community.

We will continue our partnership with Flik Independent School Dining, a team of food nutrition experts dedicated entirely to serving private and independent schools, to provide healthy, nourishing meals with an emphasis on fresh, locally sourced materials for meat, breads, fruits, vegetables, pastas, and sauces, while maintaining an allergy-aware focus.

  • DINING SERVICE: For health and safety reasons, we will not be able to continue the typical dining experiences this year. Instead, a modified lunch program and food service system will be provided. For Preschool, Lower School, and Middle School students, faculty, and staff, a modified lunch program, using mobile ordering and a new delivery system, will be in place this year. Upper School students, faculty, and staff will continue to use the Palermo Hall servery and Olson Commons, as well as alternate dining spaces throughout the Upper School. These members of our community will choose ready-to-go lunch options from various food and beverage stations each day.
  • FOOD OPTIONS: Many of the typical menu items that students, faculty, and staff have come to expect will still be offered on a rotating basis. Preschool, Lower School, and Middle School students, faculty, and staff will self-select their food options using the new mobile ordering system, which will allow us to provide lunch options. This system will also provide us with the ability to address and accommodate specific food allergies and preferences. The Palermo Hall servery will still feature allergy-aware stations for our Upper School community.
  • LOCATIONS: Students, faculty, and staff will eat lunch during regular lunch periods, and various spaces around campus—including classrooms, socially distanced dining room tables with fewer seats, and outdoor spaces—will be utilized. We plan to rotate students through these different options, with all spaces cleaned and sanitized prior to each lunch period. This approach will allow us to continue to provide a variety of experiences and interactions for our entire community during lunch.

Frequently asked questions will be available soon.